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July 31 2017


Hardwood Flooring Versus Carpeting

There is a constant tug of war going on between hardware floors and carpets. Both of these flooring materials have their own distinct benefits and drawbacks. Even though the type of flooring depends on the kind of environment of the building, i.e., residential or professional, there are some features of both these flooring materials that are uniform across all kinds of living environments.
Hardwood Flooring
1. It Is Safe And Clean: Hardwood floors purchased from Cochrane flooring stores are safe and clean. They do not conceal any hazardous particles or particulate matter. This creates a safe and healthy environment, especially for the ones who are prone to allergies.
Usually, hardwood floors are more expensive than floors that are carpeted; however, the maintenance that they require is also less, and they are easily repaired, too. This increases their lifespan. In older buildings, especially, hardwood floors may be cold and draughty, but an area rug can easily put an end to this problem.
2. It Is Sustainable: Wood being a natural resource, hardwood floors become an environment-friendly choice. Since it is possible for people to reforest wood, hardwood flooring gains even more popularity.
3. It Requires Low Maintenance: Hardwood floors require very low maintenance. It neither needs much effort nor equipment. These floors are also resistant to stains and spills.
4. It Gives An Aesthetic Appearance To The Rooms: Hardwood floors have unsurpassable value and beauty. It is one of the most ancient types of flooring material, and it has managed to remain in style till date. Hardwood floors provide a wide range of colors, designs, textures, patterns, and consistencies.
Carpet Flooring
1. It Is Comfortable And Noiseless: A very important attribute of carpet is that it is buffering, insulating, and soft in nature. It has sound absorption qualities and it also helps to maintain a pleasant temperature, a feature that is significant during cold weather. Carpets are also comfortable for walking or standing on for long periods of time. 

2. It Is Fashionable: The wide spectrum of patterns, designs, and colors make sure that carpets never go out of style. From pretty purple to bright blue, you name it, Cochrane carpet store have it! From traditional flowery patterns to modern abstract designs, the range of carpets is endless.
3. It Is Pocket-Friendly: Carpets generally are less expensive than hardwood floors. However, they require a lot of elaborate cleaning. For instance, while hardwood floors require a mop, one needs to invest in a vacuum cleaner if they decide to choose carpet flooring.

4. It Is Safe: If someone drops an item on the carpet, it will not break. Carpets also prove essential in case someone slips or trips. The same cannot be promised with regards to hardwood floors.
Do not forget to choose contrasting tiles from Cochrane tile store. Remember, the appearance of the floor will depend on the walls, too. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of both these types of flooring materials and choose accordingly. The choice is yours. Examine the flooring materials yourself before you choose what’s best for you!

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